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Centipedes in Fresno

These arthropods are characterized by having an elongated, segmented body with a pair of legs per segment. Most species are generally beneficial, preying on other household pests, but some can deliver painful bites to humans when provoked.

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Centipedes in Fresno

Centipedes in a Structure

Doesthis sound familiar? You wake up on a cold and maybe rainy morning to find adozen or more centipedes on your living room or kitchen floor. Centipedes are acommon pest that can be a nuisance in structures. These long, thin creatures canbe quite unsettling to encounter, especially if you're not expecting to seethem. While most centipedes aren't dangerous to humans, their bites can bepainful and cause swelling and redness. Plus, centipedes can be challenging toeliminate once infest a space. You are most likely to see centipedes in winterafter heavy rain.

Types of Centipedes that Get Inside a Structure in CA

In California, several species of centipedes can maketheir way into structures. One of the most common is the house centipede, whichis long and thin with many legs. These centipedes are often found in damp, darkareas such as basements or crawl spaces but, when flooded out of their home,can be found in any part of the home.

How to Best Fix the Problem by Being on a Service Plan

If you're dealing with a centipede infestation, it'sessential to work with a professional to address the problem. A pest controlprofessional can identify the species of centipede causing the problem andrecommend a treatment plan to eliminate them. Being on a service plan thatincludes regular inspections and treatments can also help to prevent futureinfestations.

Our Guarantee results and no long-term contracts with allrecurring service plans

A good defense is the best way to prevent insects. Havingthe outside of your home treated on a regulated basis prevents them from evergetting inside in the first place. At Crazy Ant Pest Control Pest Control,we're committed to helping our customers eliminate centipedes and preventinsects from entering the structure. That's why we guarantee results with allrecurring pest service plans. Though we have a 95% success rate, we cover the5% with a Guarantee that if they need additional treatment, we will return itat no extra charge for all clients on a home protection plan.


We use the latest and most effective treatments toeradicate centipedes and prevent them from returning. Plus, with regularinspections and treatments, you can have peace of mind knowing that yourproperty is protected from future infestations.

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