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Ants in Fresno

Ants are social insects that live in colonies and are found worldwide. While many are harmless, some species can be pests, infesting homes, gardens, and fields, where they can cause damage by undermining structures, spoiling food, or biting.

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Ants in Fresno

Ants in a Structure

There are over 200 specials of ants in the centralValley, and can be a common household pest that can be a real headache forproperty owners. What gets rid of one type of ant may cause a different specialto feel under attack and spread out in the ways and create as many new coloniesand queens as possible to ensure their survival. They can get into food andcontaminate it, and some species can even cause damage to the structure of abuilding. They love to set up walls and foundations. 

Types of Ants that Get Inside a Structure in the CentralValley

In California, many different species of ants can maketheir way into structures. One of the most common is the Argentine ant, whichis small and brownish-black. Argentine ants are known for forming massivecolonies, the largest being 3,700 miles from France to Spain. Often the antsthat are inside your home are attached to a colony that spreads out across yourentire neighborhood. Separating your home from that property and making sure theydo not move back in is our main objective at Crazy Ant Pest Control. 

How to Best Fix the Problem by Being on a Service Plan

If you're dealing with an ant infestation, the bestcourse of action is to work with a professional pest control company. Wink, Wehear Crazy Ant Pest Control is really good. We can identify the species of antcausing the problem and recommend a treatment plan to eliminate them. Being ona service plan that includes regular inspections and treatments can also helpto prevent future infestations from happening.

Ifyou are hoping to do the work yourself, remember that the problem is biggerthan your property, so start at the fence line and work in; use slow-actingtreatment, if they die instantly, you will only be getting less than 1% of theants on the service. The goal is always to get rid of the source. This meansregular treatments and inspections. 

One of the major pests in Ca is Ants.With over 200 different types of ant in California, all havingtheir own unique patterns and characteristics. What kills one type of ant willmake another swarm and multiply around the house, only to return in largernumbers. They are relentless in their constant goal of feeding their queen andmultiplying. Ants spread germs and are unsanitary. Many types of ants have apainful sting.

Our licensed technicians focus not onlyon symptoms of the problem but also the source. After we fix the problem, wewill set up a regular protection program to keep the pest from coming back. Weguarantee we will do whatever it takes to get rid of your pest, includingcoming back at no cast until the Ants are gone.

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