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Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest Removal


Wasp Nest Removal in the Central Valley

There are two main types of Wasp Nest and the wasp that make them in the Central Valley. 


The Mud Dauber Nest



The mud dauber is a type of wasp that makes mud tubes about an inch long. You may notice these tubes on the side of a house. The female will construct several tubes next to each other. There are different types of mud daubers, the black and yellow mud dauber, the organpipe mud dauber, and the blue mud dauber.


Paper Wasp Nest

The Paper Wasp Nest


Paper Wasps nest looks like they are made out of paper and are often found under the eaves of a house. The one in the picture is 25 feet high. A Paper Wasp are usually right under an inch long, they have thin slender bodies, and they relax and fold their wings when resting, depending on what type of paper wasp you are looking at the color may be different. They can be yellow-brown to reddish-brown in color. Because of the color, a Paper wasp can easily be mistaken for a yellow jacket.

Wasp can be social with other wasp and their cast consist of males, worker, and queens. Queens will lay eggs up until late summer. At this time the population will decline until the following spring and the queens lay more eggs. Sometimes spiders will feed on these insects in winter. Further diminishing their population. 

Top Questions about Wasp

Can Wasp hide in walls and crevices? Yes, It is common for them to find a place out of the elements such as under a roof tyle or under the eaves of a home.

Can I stop wasps from flying in my yard? Maybe, If the wasp nest is not on your property, there are a few things you can do to reduce the population. Remove attractants such as blossoms on your property. Set out, a wasp trap on the corner of your fence line. 

What does a wasp Eat? Flies, Caterpillars, larvae, and other insects

Is there a natural home remedy? Some people have had success by spraying the nest daily with a high-pressure hose till the wasp abounded it and moved on. Be careful not to get stung. The wasp may get aggressive. 

Can Wasp Nest Leave Marks? Yes, with the mud dauber, after the main housing tube is removed, a power sprayer of the area may be necessary. With paper wasp, so,sometimes they can stick to the paint or discolor the area.

Are wasps active at night? No, Wasp rest during the evening