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Small Perks

Small Perk

Small Perks

Did you know that on top of your regulated service, we do a 12-month foundation treatment around the base of your home? For no extra charge, every spring. If you are not a current client, it is only $249 to come out and do a foundation treatment. 

Shrinkflation is hitting the service industry hard. While other companies are constantly asking what we can remove from the service to save money. We ask, “What can we do to give greater value to our clients?”

One of the small perks of using Crazy Ant Pest Control is that on top of the long-term base treatments, we do every service. Once a Year, We will do a Heavy Duty 12-month Foundation treatment. This prevents most insects from setting up under your foundation and inside your walls. Making it slightly different than a standard long-term barrier. 

This treatment adheres to the house’s foundation and can reduce the bug population for years. This product is highly regulated and can only be purchased in CA with a Pest Control operator’s License. Not because of its high toxicity but because of its long-lasting power. 

This treatment does not work fast. It works very slowly and could take up to 48 hrs for a bug to die after they cross the barrier. This is the secret to why it works so well. Because the insects spread it to their insect friends. When this treatment is done correctly, it becomes extremely difficult for insects outside your home to set up inside the walls of your home.