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Safer for the Environment

Safer for the environment

Safer for the Environment

It has always been our goal to get results using the products that are safer for the environment. That is why we pledge to never use chemicals that have been labeled as  “Danger” or “Warning”. 

Five Ways Crazy Ant Pest Control Seeks to be the Safest for the Environment.


One: Incorporating Organic Products that are Effective and Efficient. 

We use organic and natural knock-down products and repellents whenever possible. You will notice on your invoice, that certain products will be marked as organic. When we use an organic product, it is clearly noted. It is, also, clearly noted where that product was used.

Two: Advanced Technician Training

Providing our technicians with advanced training, allows them to provide the right products for the specific problem, so that we do not have to double treat an area. We do one-on-one training every week, with every single technician and a group training once a week with the entire staff. This is on top of the state requirement of continuined education classes that every technician must pass. 

Three: Reducing Drive Time, Reduces Emissions, Which is Safer for the Environment

By reducing the mileage each technician drives each day, we reduce carbon emissions, dramatically. We have a much smaller service area than most companies. In fact, we turn down projects every single week, simply because of the drive time it takes to get to the job. 

Four: Avoiding Trucks That are Gas Hogs

By using small, gas efficient trucks or high bread trucks we are able to cut gas emissions to half of what other companies produce per truck. 

Five: Using an Integrated Pest Management System

There is a joke in the industry that people use to describe basic technicians. It’s called “Spray and Pray”. They spray everything and pray it works and if it does not work they spray more and hope it fixes the issue. 

At Crazy Ant Pest Control we offer each technician a large amount of training to identify the source of the issue. We also give them variety of high end products that they can use to best take care of your structure. We do not believe that one product or service fits all. 

Integrated pest management is a process preventing issues and if an issue does occur. We find the source of the issue and eliminate it in the most environmentally conscious way.