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Residential Pest Control Services

Specialized Plans to Meet Your Needs

Crazy Ant Pest is your solution for pest management that works. We offer affordable pest control, with no  long term contracts, and fast service.

Our Four Step Process
Fresno Pest Control

STEP ONE: For yards we use an organic pest control solutions that works every time and we guarantee your satisfaction. 

Fresno Pest Control Inspection of Property

STEP TWO: We take a systematic approach to keeping your home protected. 

Crazy Ant staff spraying an eco-friendly solution outside of Fresno home

STEP THREE: Our micro encapsulated formulation creates a clear coat  protection barrier that stand up to the harshest of weather conditions. 

Pest tech treating outside of house and removing spider webs

STEP FOUR: We remove all the webs that build up on the eaves of the house. 

Monthly Service

Twelve Services a Year
  • 100% Risk Free Guarantee
  • Eco Flea & Lawn Treatment
  • Web Removal on Eaves
  • Free Emergency Call Backs

Bi-Monthly Service

Six Services a Year
  • 100% Risk Free Guarantee
  • Eco Flea & Lawn Treatment
  • Web Removal on Eaves
  • Free Emergency Call Backs

Quarterly Service

Four Services a Year
  • Limited Guarantee
  • Eco Flea & Lawn Treatments
  • Web Removal of Eveas
  • Free Emergency Call Backs

One Time Service Call

No Guarantee
  • Inspection for Pest
  • Licensed Technicians
  • Full Treatment of Infested Areas

Get a quote in under 6 minutes by calling 559-295-5010 Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm 

1. What is the general size of your home & property. 

2. What zip code is your home in, we want to make sure you are in our service area.

3. What are you are seeing and where, to understand what type of treatments you will need. 

A receptionist will answer the phone. Just let them know you DON’T have an account with us and just called to learn more. They will connect you with CA, licensed technician right here in Fresno or Clovis that can answer any pricing or service questions.

A one time service call is a great way to lower the bug population or get rid of pest problem in the house.  

There are a few advantages of getting on a service plan.

  1. One visit is not always enough, some problem need a follow up to break the life cycle.
  2. One time service visits do no include a warranty
  3. One time service visits do not include web removal

Not to mention there is a large discount given for being on a service plan. 



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