Beetles in Fresno & Clovis

Types of Beetles That are Found in The Central Valley

  • Acorn Weevil
  • Box Elder Beetle
  • Blister Beetle
  • California Root Borer Beetle
  • Click Beetle
  • Darkling Beetle

Beetles are insects that are known for their hard winged exterior. These insects belong from kingdom Animalia. Beetles are usually found in freshwater, trees, in plants and undergrounds as well. Beetles have many types but most of them are of dark color such as black or dark brown. Many species of beetles are found in Central Valley, California some of which are listed below. If you ever encounter one, you can call for Pest Control Fresno services and they will make sure to exterminate the insects from your living space. 

Acorn Weevil

These kind of weevils are easy to recognize because of their long snout like that of an elephant. They usually feed on tree barks and nuts like acorns or on plant seeds through their snout. They are brown in color and have brownish-black markings on their bodies. They reside in tree barks.

Blister Beetle

These beetles are venomous and harmful. They do not bite. Rather they release a chemical that is very painful if it comes in contact with human skin, leaving a blister through which its name is derived. Blister beetles are black color, elongated body, and red legs. These beetles usually eat leaves and flowers. 

California Root Borer Beetle

Having a reddish-brown color, these beetles are known to be root residents where they feed on rotten roots or tree bark hence their name is derived from this particular characteristic. They are found in forests but also in gardens where they damage roots of fruit trees. Each leg has three well-defined spikes. 

Calligraphy Beetle

They are very beautiful to look at as they have a base of multiple colors over which the black markings look like calligraphy. The base colors range from red, orange, yellow and green. They use their wings to fly and they are mostly in round shape. They eat plant tissues. 

Click Beetle

This type of beetles is harmless to people. The body is elongated and dark in color from brown to black. They make a click sound in an attempt to escape if they feel threatened. They are very thin and feed on corn, wheat crops. They move really slowly.

Darkling Beetle

This beetle has many species of its own types. They are all dark in color, mostly black. They live under stones, sandy dunes, and deserts. They eat crops and plant decay. Even though all the types of darkling beetles have wings, they do not fly and their wings are mostly kept shut to keep moisture from evaporating.

Golden Tortoise Beetle

Their visuals save them from getting killed. They are are humped and round in shape. Their metallic gold color makes them visually pleasing. Interestingly enough, they can change color into brown as well. They are found in gardens and they feed on sweet potato vine.

Many other types of beetles are also found in Central Valley, California, the U.S. such as hermit flower, Japanese, mottled tortoise beetles, etc. If you find any of these in your homes or gardens, make sure to call for help. You can call the professional team of Pest Control Fresno service and get your living space exterminated for a much carefree lifestyle.


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