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Wasps Extermination in Fresno, Clovis and the Central Valley

Wasp Extermination in Fresno & Clovis

Paper Wasp and Mud dauber our the most common types of wasp in the Central Valley. Wasps are more common in spring, summer, and fall.

Mud daubers get their name from making their nest out of the mud. Mud daubers manly hut and eat spiders. The Sphecidae or Crabronidae family of wasp build their nests from mud, they are long, slender and average about one inch in length. Mud daubers can sting and multiple times. the good news is they are unlikely to sting even if their home is under attack. Their stinger is used primarily to hunt for food. There are extream cases that they will use there stinger to defend themselves. They often build their nest in areas that are safe from the elements of wind and rain. 

wasp in fresno caPaper wasp is not as aggressive as other types of wasp. They are more social and their nest can get large. They will sting if they feel their nest is being threatened. We treat the wasp nest directly. We even remove a paper wasp nest from the eaves of the home if it is accessible.


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Do Wasp Die in Fresno in the Winter ?

Wasp die because of starvation in winter. The queens will hibernate in crevices. Spiders will often find the hibernating queens and feed on them in winter. An average, less then one out of a thousand queens that a born will survive the winter to start a colonie in the spring. 

Do Wasp in Fresno Sting ?

Yes, The venom in a stinger can be very painful or cause irritations. 

When are wasp most active ?

Wasp are most active in July. Though in 2019 we were treating wasp into December in the Fresno area. 



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