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Ticks in Fresno, Clovis and the Central Valley

Tick Ticks live off the blood of their host and spread bacteria that can cause sickness. They engorge themselves. A single female can lay thousands of eggs in her lifetime. There has been much debate on how to slow the spread of ticks, the best defense is to be on a regular service plan.

 There may not be a lot we can do to slow down the spread of ticks across the country but we can do a lot in making sure your yards are a safe place. We make sure to treat not only the entire lawn, bushes, and flower beds for ticks. With a regular treatment schedule of your yard in correlation with having your pets treated for ticks, it is possible to be tick-free or we will come back for free.

What types of ticks are in Fresno or Clovis ?

There are a few main types of ticks in California. The American Dog tick, the Brown Dog Tick, the Rocky Mountain Wood Tick, and the Wester Blacklegged Ticks

How do I remove a tick ?

There are many methods to remove a tick. The most common method people use to remove a tick is a fine tip tweezers. Using a light even pressure, pull straight and slowly so the tick does not break in the skin. Then they clean it with soap and water and/or rubbing alcohol. This is not medical advise. Please talk to a your medical professional.

Do ticks in Fresno or Clovis carry Lyme disease ?

Yes, it’s possible but rare. There were 84 cases of Lyme disease reported in California in 2016 reported by the CDC. The good news is that it is extremely rare for a case to be reported in the Central Valley.

Where do ticks like to hide ?

They prefer shaded areas by walking paths. Any place they are not in direct sunlight and has a high traffic area is an idea to set up and wait.

Do all ticks drink blood ?

Ticks need blood in every developing stage. 

How to protect againts ticks ?

If you are going camping or hiking there are bug repellents on the market to help prevent tick bites. After hiking or camping check for ticks around your arms, ears, etc.

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