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Ten Questions to ask before you hire a Pest Control Service company

Serching for a pest control service is often dounting becouse we don’t know the best question to ask to find the service company that will best fit your needs. This list will help you navigate through the hundreds of companies in the area by giving you the right questions to ask yourself and/or the campanies you are considering. Many of the questions can be ansered by looking at their website.

1. Do you require Long Term Contracts?

A long-term contract allows a company to give you a discounted rate in exchange for you promising to be on a regulated service plan for an agreed amount of time. There is ussally a cansolation fee that you will have to pay for early cansolations. 

There is paperwork that every company is required by law to give you and they will need a signature. Just read the agreement to see if it’s a month-to-month or long-term multiple-year agreement. 

At Crazy Ant Pest Control we have no Long term contract. If you skip, stop, or pause your account you will NOT be sent to collection or be given a huge fine. You simply have to do a full-price start-up service before getting to jump back on a discount service plan. 

2. Do you offer Eco, Organic, or Environmentally safe products?

Most companies offer eco and organic products. Just like most restaurants offer diet soda but unless you ask, the default is rarely an eco product. This even applies to companies that have eco, organic and green in their name as well as companies that are eco, organic or green certified. 

Crazy Ant Pest Control uses a hybrid approach. All lawns, bushes, and flower beds are treated with organic products. We also offer outdoor, only organic, service plans. Please call to get full details about our different plans.  

3. Do you offer a full pest control service?

There are many types of pest control service plans.

Knock Dawn Service: A broudcast power sprayer, works fast but does not last long. This is great for pest reduction, spiders in bushes and for preventing ticks and fleas.

Long Term Barriers: This is usually done with a backback or hand can sprayer and gives you up to three months of protection but does not work fast. 

Crazy Ant Pest Control performs both types of treatments at every service. This includes an organic knock-down service. We spray the yards, bushes, and lawns for black widows, fleas, and ticks. A long-term treatment of the fence line, cracks and crevices, base of the home, and eaves, keeps the home protected for months.

4. Do you offer a 100% Warranty?

Every Pest Control Company has a different warranty or no warranty. This is something you will want to talk about before getting on a service plan with a pest company.

Crazy Ant Pest Control gives a 100% warranty on all recurring service plans, if anything gets inside the home. 

5. Do you Remove the Webs from off the Eaves?

This has little to do with killing bugs but it does make the house look cleaner. Every company is different when it comes to this feature. 

Crazy Ant Pest Control gives all recurring service plans a free web removal service of the eaves. 

6. Do you send people that want out of their contract to a collection agency?

Did you know that most pest control companies sell your debt to a collection company if not paid in 30 days or to collect a consolation fee if you stop service before your long-term contract is over? 

Crazy Ant Pest Control only offers month to month service plans. We have easy payment options that make life simple and no large fees. Feel free to call us at 559-295-5010 to get full details or to answer any of your questions. 

At the time of this article, the largest fee is $20 for a last-minute service consolation. This simply helps us pay for the technical hr wage. We know other companies make their workers clock out and sit in their trucks if an appointment gets canceled. It’s our goal to prioritize our staff in making sure they get paid a full day, every time they come into work. 

7. Do you offer Local Help or send your call to a Large Call Center?

Most local numbers go to a large call center in another state that is answered by a highly trained salesperson.

Crazy Ant Pest Control has a local office in Fresno, CA that picks up all calls. If it is after hours or all the lines are busy we do hire a live receptionist service to take a message and a local office manager in Fresno, CA will call you back.

8. Do your technicians have an Applicator License or a Field Rep License?

There are several levels of pest control License in CA. An Applicator Licence is the basic required by the state to apply material around a structure. 

A field rep is able to actually inspect, diagnose, troubleshoot and issue as well as set up a prevention plan to keep the problem from returning. 

Crazy Ant Pest Control conducts two training sessions a week with every service tech. A one-on-one plus a group training session. The majority of our staff is licensed as field reps in California. 

9. Does buying local matter to you personally?

  The nice thing about hiring a billion-dollar Pest Control Company is that you can always talk to the managers, manager if things go wrong. Most pest control companies in the central valley are owned by four corporations. 

Crazy Ant Pest Control is a locally owned and operated pest control company. We are far from perfect but there are few companies that try harder. 


10. What is a good price for a pest control service? 

Home Guide Wrote that the average start-up service is between $250 – $400.  

One of the areas that affect the price the most is how often the service is done. Let’s say a monthly service is $65 and an every other month service is $85. Companies will almost always give you the biggest discount per service to be on a monthly plan but this rarely works in your favor. Especially, if your plan includes a warranty since if something goes wrong between services you will not be required to pay to get it fixed. 

The monthly service at $65 is $780 per year

The monthly service at $85 is  $510 per year. A $270 savings 

If the company uses high-quality products that last for months, there is no reason for most people to be on a monthly service plan. The exception is if you have an infestation, live by the water, or have an allergic reaction to a type of insect. 

Crazy Ant Pest Control goal is to offer affordable plans without sacrificing quality. Give us a call at 559-295-5010 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm and we will get you a quote in as little as 5 minutes. We simply need to know if you are in our area, how big is your home and property, what type of insects are you dealing with, and are there extra structures you need to be treated as well. From there we can recommend a service plan that is right for your needs and 9 out 10 times we can do the work for below the average price in the area. 

Bonus: Is the Pest Control Service Company, easy to work with? 

As I get older, I prioritize working with businesses that make my life easier. That is why Crazy Ant Pest Control has easy payment so you don’t have to remember to leave a check under the matt. Text reminders before each serive, so you always know when we will be coming. We leave a detailed invoice that shows what products were used and where they were used as well as the technician’s name and license number. Your records in the cloud for your convenience. Most people are not even home when we treat. 

We understand that there are over 150 pest control companies to comparison shop in the valley and that most people will not use us. So, we hope this list helps you ask the right questions to find a company that fits your ne