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Pest Control No long Term Contracts

Pest Conytrol No Long Term Contracts

Pest Control No Long Term Contracts

Pest Control Companies are all radically different. The industry has been based on long term contracts for a long time. I started with a great company but this was common practice to have every customer sign a long term contract. This allows companies to give their best price but it was also the thing that customers disliked most about the service. Imagine promising to eat at a restaurant for a year before you have even tried their food.

Our Goal as a Local Company

Well this is how the pest industry operated for years. When we started Crazy Ant Pest Control. We wanted to do things differently. We simply let our customers decide if it is a good fit for their needs and sometimes customers find that we are not a good fit. At this point we usually ask if there was anything we could do to improve our service. The second thing we do is give them a huge thank you for giving us a chance. 

Instead of contracts, we have discount service plans. The first service or start up service is the reg price but after the first service anyone can jump onto a discount plan.

Keeping Serive Plans Simple

Our most common discount plan is our every other month service plan. We come out every two month and give a 100% warranty if anything gets into the home between services. If a customer wants to pause, skip or stop their plan they can do so at any time but this does void their warranty and any discounts they currently have. 

If a customer stops, pauses service or skips service there are no cancellation fees, no sending people to collections and no making people pay for services they did not receive. We simply stop the service. 

Give us a call at 559-295-5010 to learn more about how to get on a discounted service plan that includes a 100% warranty if anything gets inside the homi