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Fleas in Fresno and Clovis

Fleas in Fresno & Clovis

Did you know a flea will encapsulate itself in a pupae state and wait up to two years for a host ? Then it will break free and jump up to 200x their size to latch onto a host.

CrazyAnt Pest Control Flea Treatment

Adult fleas attach themselves to a host. The most common host are alley cats, squirrels, dogs, rodents, and possums. Each female will drop 20-30 eggs per day. This means a single squirrel or rodent is able to drop thousands of flea eggs in your yard every day. The next stage is for the  eggs to hatch into larva. At this point the larva cocoon themselves for up to 2 years and wait for a host. As long as they are in that cocoon (Pupae stage), they are super resistant to any type of treatment. 

regular service plan is the most effective way to have a flea-free yard. It is possible to get rid of fleas inside your home with one or two treatments. If action is taken to make sure fleas are not reintroduced inside the home.

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The Ultimate Guide to Fleas In Fresno & Clovis

Fleas are notoriously hard to get rid of, which is why they’re the worst nightmare of parents, schools, businesses, and people in general. Many people don’t know that a flea is capable of encapsulating itself in a pupae state, enabling it to wait dormant for up to two years. During that time period, it will infect any host that comes along–including your pet. 


Fleas Multiply Fast

A flea is capable of jumping an incredible distance, up to 200x their length, in order to reach a host. Once they’re on the skin, they latch on for the long haul. Fleas generally latch on to cats, squirrels, dogs, rodents, and possums along with other easily accessible creature. 


Every day, a female flea will drop around 20 to 30 eggs. That means a single squirrel or rodent can drop thousands of flea eggs along their pathway each and every day, which is how fleas get onto your property and surroundings. Eggs only take a few days to hatch into larva, and they then repeat the cycle cocooning themselves for up to two years while they wait for another unsuspecting host.


Be Persistent in Flea Prevention 

Unfortunately, fleas that are lying dormant in a pupae state are rather resistant to any kind of flea treatment applied to the area. The most effective way to get rid of them and keep fleas in all stages away is to regularly treat your yard. It’s important to use preventative methods outside before the problem is able to get inside your home.


Once fleas get into your home, perhaps brought in by your own pet, you’ll want to act fast before they have a chance to spread. Remember, a single flea hatches up to 30 eggs per day, so they quickly multiply and worsen the issue. Fortunately, getting rid of fleas inside the home generally only takes one or two treatments given proper preparation.


Other Preventative Methods

Keeping fleas at bay circles back around to regular treatments outside. Otherwise, fleas may find their way back into your home. Other preventative steps should also be taken, like using flea and tick medication for all of your pets who go outside. 


You should also keep a close eye out for the signs that one of your pets are carrying fleas, which would include more itching and scratching than normal. Fleas bite constantly, causing cats and dogs to scratch at themselves endlessly due to discomfort. You should be able to notice a flea infection relatively quickly.


Another important step in preventing infestations is keeping other carriers–like rodents and squirrels–away from your home. Just the presence of an infected animal can spread fleas all around your home, so you should consider using deterrents to keep them off your property. 


Are You Facing a Flea Problem?

CrazyAnt Pest Control Flea Treatment can help you overcome a flea infestation in your home. Fleas are a major issue across the Fresno and Clovis areas, and a quick, professional response is the key to getting rid of them. Give us a call to learn more. 

5 Common Questions About Fleas

Does Fresno or Clovis Get Fleas ?

Yes, fleas are very common in Fresno, Clovis, Sanger, Fowler and the entire Central Valley. Because of our active rodent population there are an abundant amount of host to spread fleas around the valley.

Can A One Time Service Get Rid of Fleas ?

You have a solid chance of getting rid of Flea’s inside with one treatment, if the pets can be treated and the entire house has prepared and empty. 

If you are getting flea’s in your yard, the best chance to keep them at bay is to be on a regular service plan.

Is There an Organic Way To Treat For Fleas In The Yard ?

Yes, we have certified organic products that work well for getting rid of fleas in your yard. 

Do Fleas Come Back ?

Because Flea pupae can stay encapsulated for up to two years before emerging onto a host. It is always a possibility that they could flare up again.

Where do Fleas Like To Hide ?

Fleas will actually live most of there life on the host. A shaded areas that has a high moisture level is a common place for fleas to lay eggs. 

Inside homes they eggs will usually be laid in fabrics. The carpeted areas of the house would be the most common place for flea eggs.



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