Did you know a flea will encapsulate itself in a pupae state and wait up to two years for a host to come along? Then it will break free and jump up to 200x their size to latch onto a host.

CrazyAnt Pest Control Flea Treatment

Adult fleas attach themselves to a host (alley cats, squirrels, dogs, rodents, possums, etc.), and each female will drop 20-30 eggs per day. This means a single squirrel or rodent is able to drop thousands of flea eggs in your yard every day. Within a few days, the eggs can hatch into larva and then cocoon themselves for up to 2 years and wait for a host. As long as they are in that cocoon (Pupae stage), they are super resistant to any type of treatment. 

regular service plan is the most effective way to have a flea-free yard. If you are dealing with fleas inside your home, it is possible to get rid of them with one or two treatments if everything is prepared properly and action is taken to make sure fleas are not reintroduced inside the home.

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