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Pest Control Award

Pest Control Award

We wanted to say a huge Congratulations to Bryan for 10 Years of excellence in the pest control industry.

The picture above shows us presenting Bryan with an award for 10 years of excellence in the pest control industry.


A little bit on Bryans 10 years in the industry. Before coming on staff with Crazy Ant Pest Control. Bryan worked with two of the largest pest control companies in the state.  We both actually worked for the same company for a few years. Bryan was told he needed to talk with me and that Crazy Ant Pest Control was going to grow fast. Bryan reached out to us and we spent hrs at a local coffee shop talking about what it would look like to join a small, family owned company.

We talked about where we were going as a company. That we are an eco company that incorporates organic products into almost every service we do. We talked about not making people sign long term contracts. We defined what quality looks like.

At the time we only had one other technician on staff. We did not have nice offices or decades in the industry. We were still a very small start up. Our conversation was very old school in a way. We did not sign hundreds of pages of agreement forms. At the end Bryan joined our team with a hand shake deal. It was not till years later that we put everything in writing and had it signed. Bryan has earned our trust and the trust of hundreds of families and small businesses around the valley.


One thing I will never take for granted from the community, or customers and our staff is their belief in what we are building. Bryan had to take a large pay cut to join the team. In those early days we had staff meeting around my kitchen table. We talked about how to give customers better quality service and use safer products at the same time. We talked about removing the things that customers hated about the pest industry. We decided to never use any chemical that was required to have a danger label on it. We never required a long term contract.

Bryan  proved himself over and over with his desire to be better every day, to constantly learn more about the industry. It was this drive that led us to promote him to supervisor. He is now focused on training others to give the same level of excellence.