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New Pest Control Location

New Pest Control Location

New Pest Control Location


We are excited to have moved into our New Pest Control Location. We are now located at 4746 W Jennifer, Ste 108 Ave, Fresno, CA 93722, United States.  


Like most small businesses we started out of our garage. Held interviews at Starbucks and our office furniture came from the free section of craigslist. We held a stand-up meeting in my garage every day for years before finally getting an office.


We had too many accounts to run it out of my home. By the time we got our first office, half of our home was blocked off for Crazy Ant Only use. We found a great office that we would use for the next three years off of Gettysburg and the 168. We made great memories and found ways to maximize not only every square ft but every inch of that office.


Every year we have grown and come to the point that we desperately needed more space again for offices, storage, and training. We love our newest home. These are the three main goals in mind with the new location and finding a location that would allow us to achieve all three. 


First Goal


Office space: This would allow us to handle more calls and work more efficiently. Our last office was a little cramped. We used every square inch of the office to maximize our space. I can’t lie, it was hard to move. We had developed amazing relationships with our neighbors and landlord. They actually got together and threw us a goodbye party on our last day. Although it was exciting to grow, it is always a little sad as we had so many great memories in the last location. Although we still have a lot of work on our new location. We are 100% up and running. 


Second Goal:


Storage space: We wanted to have more space to store supplies and backup vehicles. Our last place just did not have what we needed. Currently, with the new space, we can store more equipment and supplies. This speeds up the process for the technician to get what they need faster, to get the job done right. 


Third Goal: 


New Pest Control LocationTraining space. Although the last office had a great board room, our current location uses a large open room to accommodate a larger group without everyone feeling like they are crammed in a small room.

Every staff member does a one on one training every week and a group training session every week as well as a four hour training session once a month. Although this is more than is required by state law and osha. We believe that investing in our people is the area that we see the biggest benefits.


A Big Bonus is the ability to make the space our own. The last location did not have the flexibility our current location has to be able to do what we want with the space. 


Our new location is located behind Costco on Shaw and the 99 and we are excited to take the next step as a small business in serving our community.