Mosquito In2Care System

Installing an in2care system for mosquitoes

Mosquito In2care System

No Warranty 


It’s only $125 per in2care Mosquito Station, plus $35 per refill. This system can last up to 60 days but for best results it should be refilled every 3-4 weeks because the active ingredients do fade in power over time.


                                 CURRENT CUSTOMER ONLY DEAL

ONLY: $25 per refill and free installation and lease of In2care system. For all regular customers on a recurring service you will only pay for the refills at $25 per In2care system. To have the system removed simply call the office. We will pick up the system if unused for more than 90 days. Details: must get a minimum of two in2care systems and be on a monthly service plan to get discounted rate and free in2care system lease.


Three Part in2Care system

  1. Attractant: Mosquitoes will be lured to lay eggs in the in2care system because of the active attractant in the product we use.

  2. Activating Killing agent: The eggs will not be able to hatch because the formula will make it so the larva do not develop into adults.

  3. Spreading Agent: The mosquito will spread the killing agent to other area before dying by landing on the coated netting and then resting on mosquito hot spots around your yard.



Disclaimer: This product is designed to reduce but will not eliminate mosquitoes on your property. There is no warranty for flying insects. The In2care system can kill mosquitos and prevent them from breeding in the area up to 4300 sq ft. Using an in2care system with basic yard maintenance can greatly reduce the amount of mosquitos in your yard.


Five Easy Tips For Reducing Mosquitos


  1. Eliminate standing water. Check leaking sprinklers, hoses, bird baths, old tires, buckets, etc.

  2. Repair all screens doors and windows.

  3. Mow the lawn, rake leaves and make sure bushes and plants are properly trimmed ( tall grass attracts mosquitoes and becomes a great breeding ground).

  4. Clean out the roof gutters.


How Fast can Mosquitoes Reproduce?

A female mosquito can lay 100 eggs in as little as an inch of water and they will develop into flying adults in as little as 48 hours.


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