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Mosquito Control Fresno CA

Mosquito Control Fresno CA

Mosquito Control Fresno, CA

Crazy Ant Pest Control Now Offers Mosquito Control Fresno, CA. Let’s start with the highlights, then get into the details.

  • No Long Term Contracts
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee*
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • New Mosquito Technology
  • Free in2Care System lease with a service plan
  • FREE Onsite Evaluation: Limited Time offer

Ok. Now that we gave you the bullet points, let’s take a deep dive into the top seven ways Crazy Ant Pest Control is different. Other companies may offer a few of these options but no other company in Fresno offers all seven.

No Long Term Contracts

You may have gotten a postcard or a knock on your door offering half off your first service if you act now. Sign on the line and you now are locked into a one-year minimum commitment. If you try to get out you are often made to pay for your unused services and if you don’t pay, your delinquent account is often sold to a collection agency. 

Imagine a better way. One that has a Risk Free Guarantee. If at any time you are not happy, You can stop your account. It’s that easy. 

With Crazy Ant Pest Control, we have No Long Term Contracts on any of our service plans. That includes home & commercial policies. 

100% Organic Mosquito Control is the 1# option people choose

The organic product we use has a 100% knock-down power for mosquitos for up to 30 days. That means any mosquito that lands on a treated area will die within 24hrs up to a month after the area is treated. Not only that but the products are 100% organic and pet friendly. 

This means that this product can be used around water that mosquitoes breed in without adverse effects on fish or birds. 

100% Money-Back Guarantee on Our Mosquito Control Service plans

Although we use the best products on the market, with 100% knocked down. This still does not make a force field around your property and mosquitos can still fly over your fence and bite you. You may live in an area where they breed so proficiently next to your property that there is nothing that can reduce them to a manageable level.

If you do not get the amount of reduction you were hoping for, you can request for your account to be stopped and a full refund of your most recent service and we will reimburse you 100% of your most recent service. This money-back guarantee is almost unheard of in the industry. It’s like a unicorn. 

Locally Owned and Operated

We are locally owned and operated. The same people that answer the phone will be the same people you will work with as long as you are on service with us. We know Fresno, we know the traffic, the neighborhoods, the weather, we get it. We don’t have a call center, just a local office.

Newest Mosquito Technology

We utilize the latest in microencapsulation and spread formulations to give you the greatest amount of protection. 

To put it simply, our products are pet-friendly, last longer, and have an amazing knock-down rate.

A Free in2Care System with Service Plan

The in2care system allows you to stop mosquito larva before they hatch. Did you know that a female mosquito will lay 100-200 eggs at a time that will turn into larva and hatch into adult mosquitos? In the spring and summer, this process could take place in as little as three days. 

A female mosquito finds a warm bit of water on your property, drops in the eggs and the cycle repeats itself over and over till we install an in2care system. The in2care system lures the female mosquito to lay her eggs inside of it. Those eggs will never develop into adults. As she lays the eggs, her legs touch the coated netting. This coating ends up on her legs, the next time she stops on a bit of warm water she will contaminate it so any eggs or larva in that water will not develop into adults. And eventually, that mosquito will die. 


In2care System for Mosquito Control


Get A free onsite Evaluation. Limited Time Offer


We currently charge $75 for an onsite pest evaluation but for the spring of 2022. We are sending out resident mosquito experts for free upon request. This is a limited-time offer and there are limited spots available. Although we are working hard to create more spots last year it was common to wait two weeks to get a free evaluation. Again we are working hard to accommodate more people but this


We have never done this before, We are NOT sending a salesperson. We are sending a mosquito expert to evaluate your property. Give you advice on your options and what is available on the market. 


With this, they will take into account if you are home, foliage, water lake, or have kids and pets. These factors play a large role in the best way to treat your home.


Thank You For Reading about our Mosquito Control Fresno CA service Plans


Crazy Ant Pest Control is committed to helping the community stay safe and sanitary through pest prevention. We incorporate eco and organic pest treatment whenever effective.  


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What are the best ways to control mosquitoes around my home?

Eliminate attractants and breeding sites such as standing water and damp areas. Then get on a regular mosquito control program. You can do it yourself or call a local pest control company that is an expert in mosquito control. 

What are the most effective mosquito repellents?

The active ingredients most effective in mosquito repellents are DEET, picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus. Many stores are now stocking more natural repellent options.

How can I  prevent mosquito bites?

Try not to leave your skin exposed. Most mosquito species are active at dawn and dusk, so try to do outside activities in the middle of the day. Finally, incorporating a repellent can be very helpful in reducing mosquito bites. 

Do mosquitoes transmit?

Mosquitoes can transmit several human diseases, including malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, Zika virus, and West Nile virus but don’t be alarmed. Most mosquito bites only leave a slight rash. 

Suppose you are traveling internationally to areas that have large populations of mosquitos. Precautions are advised. 

Are there organic options to control mosquitoes?

Yes, Crazy Ant Pest Control Offer a certified organic mosquito control program. The spray can last up to thirty days, and all mosquitos that come into contact with the spray will die within 24 hrs of contact.