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Locally owned and operated

Locally owned and operated

Crazy Ant’s Start

Crazy Ant Pest Control is Locally Owned and Operated. We started with one truck out of a garage. As we have grown you can notice are trucks out in every area of Fresno and Clovis on a daily basis.

Family Focused 

Being a family-focused business it was important to make sure they have a gaurentte day off.  We give every worker at least one day a week they knew they could spend with their friends and family. So, we decided that we would not be open on Sundays. We did hire a third part company to take all calls on Sunday so that we would give the highest quality service. 

Going Green

Our biggest most expensive choice was a little extreme in the industry. Offering an organic yard & lawn treatment for spiders, ticks, and fleas at no extra cost. Fox News wrote organic products are 20% – 100% more expensive than their chemical counterparts. 

I remember having lunch with a larger pest owner and he told me. I was paying myself about $5 an hour the first few years the business was open. He looked at me and said, “I have one piece of advice. Stop giving away the organic yard treatment for free. The people that want it will pay the extra $50 per service but most people don’t care what you use as long as the bugs are dead.” I walked away from that lunch knowing he was right. What we were doing was the equivalent of giving popcorn for free at a movie theater or giving first-class tickets in a plan for the price of economy class. The big difference is most customers did not know that the average organic equivalent was 3x as match as their counterpart. What we were offering was an amazing deal no one cared.

The one thing was, I cared. If the price was the only difference between using an organic product or chemical product and the quality was the same. We were going to eat the difference. In the last five years, these products have spiked in price by almost 50%. I have never regretted putting people over profits. 

Our Nich in the Market

Our business is not for everyone: We focus on keeping homes and businesses in the valley safe and sanitary through pest prevention. 

At the start, we used to get a lot of calls from people that needed to get their business treated to stay open or their rentals treated to keep their government funding. They did not want to do the work to keep their properties or restaurants pest free. They just wanted the paperwork so they would not get shut down. We started walking away from these accounts. We will work with anyone that works with us as a team and wants to keep people safe and their properties sanitary. 

It’s this group of homeowners and small business owners that have come together and supported us in a big way. As I read through hundreds of online reviews, I am always moved by our customer’s kind words. As I look back at the first years of the company that as the owner I did not take a paycheck or the twelve-hour days, six days a week that I worked year after year to get Crazy Ant Pest control Off the ground. We bet everything on this Crazy Ant Pest Control knowing that 85% of small businesses like ours fail based to the Bureau of labor statistics. We are so far from perfect and we strive every day to grow and become better and add more value to everyone we come in contact with. 

Our Team

Crazy Ant Team

At the end of the day, the reason we are still standing is because of the amazing team and the support of this community. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!