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Local Pest Expert

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Featured on the News

Over the last few years, we have won many awards in the pest industry. When news outlets need a local expert, we started getting the calls.  In the last year, we have been featured as the local pest expert on Pest Daily, KSEE 24 Central Valley Today, Behind the Business Curtain, and most recently on ABC Action News.

Excited About Helping Our Community

As a small local business in Fresno, CA. We jump at the chance to talk about pest issues that affect our daily lives. Although we have not been able to do every news interview because of scheduling conflicts. We have strived to be open to as many interviews as possible.

Local Pest Export Have to Be Developed

It is common in the industry to do one training day a year. Some do a training session every month. At Crazy Ant Pest Control, Technician will attend two training sessions a week. On Thursdays, we do a group training and on Tuesdays, we do one on one training. We have over a dozen in-house training courses. This may seem like we are going overboard but one of our core values is knowledgable. No one knows everything, I could take two classes a week for the rest of my life and would not even scratch the service of all there is to know about insects in the valley. With this said, I truly believe that having a deep understanding of pest will give clients better results and do it in a safer way.

They say, “To a hammer, everything is a nail”. We don’t want to be like that, where we have a bunch of technicians that spray around houses and pray it works. We are trying to develope a staff of local pest export to be able to help fix issues quickly and safly. 

We need people that understand if they misapplying a product that can make a pest iussue worse for the customer. Our goal is quality and we believe that start with learning.