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We can treat your pressing pest control issue. Where there is one pest there is often more. Call now to set up a complete home pest control inspection and service from one of our certified technicians.

Below, you will find a list of the areas we check to fulfill our mission of keeping you PEST FREE.


Spiders will often lay their eggs, make their webs and hide in your eaves. Wasps also find that the eaves of your home make a perfect spot to start a family.

Base of Home

One of the most important spots to inspect is the base of the home. Mulch against the house, sublayer underneath the house, trees or bushes against the house all provide a perfect habitat for most insects from earwigs to ants.

Fence Line

The border of your property should be the first line of defense against bugs. The cracks between the post and the fence provide a great place for bugs to hide.

Front Porch/ Back Porch

Keeping the spiders and webs off the porch lights can become a full time job. We offer a great set of services to keep spiders off your front porch.

Inside Garage / Outside Garage

Unfortunately, everything has to go somewhere and that somewhere is usually the garage. Spiders, roaches, mice and rats take advantage of the items in your garage and use them to build their homes.

Kitchen Cabinets

Keeping your home sanitary eliminates a large part of what we pests must have: moisture, food and a place to survive. Unfortunately, areas under the kitchen sink and in the kitchen cabinets often provide all three.


Bathroom cabinets also provide perfect living conditions for pests.

Living Room

We do a full inspection of the living room for bugs such as carpet beetles.


We check the baseboards and other potential areas where pests may be hiding.

Laundry Room

Again, bugs love moisture.

Pool or Spa Area

Around pool pumps and under spas are places notorious for bugs. These areas should be enjoyed not avoided because of spiders and bugs.

Storage Sheds

Just another place that bugs can hide.

Flower Beds

Ever get tired of snails eating your freshly planted flowers? Our service will protect the time and effort you have put into your flower beds.


Lawns are full of every bug imaginable from ticks and fleas to ants and earwigs. Ask about our organic pest control treatments for your lawn.

Side Walk/ Driveway

Underneath those large slabs of concrete lies the potential for a bug colony, such as the pavement ant, to form. Those cracks are also a great hiding spot for cockroaches.


Bugs often walk through the front door. We will show you how to prevent this and create a barrier to make it difficult for pests to enter.

Shrubs, Bushes, Vines

These plants make perfect homes for spiders as they make their webs to catch their prey.


Often a torn screen or a garbage can placed outside of an open window is all it takes to be overwhelmed by bugs. We will give you tips on how to minimize the chances of an invasion.

Patio Areas

We will inspect everything from the eaves to the outdoor furniture so the patio is a great place to relax or entertain.

BBQ or Fire Pit

There is nothing worse than getting ready to BBQ and taking off the cover to discover that black widows have made your BBQ their home.

Kids Play Set/Club House

We make sure the kid’s play areas are safe places to have fun.

Garbage area

Few things in this world attract bugs like a garbage can sitting out in the hot, Fresno sun.

Wood Pile

Wood piles make an amazing harborage for pests to live and hide.

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