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Do Not Buy Pest Control Until You Read This Guide

The Ultimate Pest Control Consumer Guide for the Central Valley


Dear Homeowner, choosing a Fresno pest control company isn’t easy. Why? Because you’re bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing claims, and simply bad information From super-low prices and high-pressure sales to unqualified technicians and near-worthless methods. How do you ever find a qualified, competent professional pest control company? You start by reading this consumer guide. In this fact-filled booklet, you’ll discover how to avoid four pest control rip-offs, six costly mistakes about pest control, the importance of getting value for your investment, why I believe in standing behind your service with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, and four easy steps to pest-free living.


We wrote this guide to help you better understand Fresno Pest Control companies.  Now, with this information, you can make an informed, intelligent decision. And if you have any questions about pest control, you’re invited to call us at, 559-295-5010  We’ve dedicated our business to educating consumers. We’ll be happy to help in every way. Cordially,” Caleb Irmler, owner of Crazy Ant Pest Control, specialists in commercial, home pest control, and prevention.


Chapter One

Six Costly Mistakes about Pest Control


In the first two minutes of reading this guide, we will try to save you, up to $200 a year by purchasing a Fresno pest control service plan. By telling how to get the best rates, get free retreats if the service is not right, stay protected all year round, avoid the bait and switch tactics, deal with salespeople, show you what to look for, and most importantly, finally what questions you should always ask.


Costly Mistake One

On the Wrong Service Plan


You can save a lot of money by NOT going on a monthly plan but maybe trying an every other month plan or even a quarterly. Most people do not need a monthly service plan. The exceptions to this would be if there is an indoor roach infestation, a family member has allergic reactions to bites, a bad bug location, such as in a lake house or if a member simply has a phobia of insects. There are good reasons why a monthly plan may be the right choice. In my experience, less than 30% of homes need to be treated monthly. The average homeowner can save up to  $200 a year by signing up with an every other month service plan and still be covered with a 100% warranty if anything gets inside the home from most companies.


Costly Mistake Two

It’s Cheaper to Do it Myself


It can be cheaper to treat yourself at times or it can cost you more. Here are some examples of why it just might be cheaper to hire a professional.


  1. You avoid paying for random equipment and extra pesticides to sit in your shed.

  2. If the product that is purchased does not work, it can be costly.

  3. For a major issue, even buying the right product and watching all the videos will not give you a Guarantee if things go wrong.

  4. Life is busy, it may not be worth your time to buy the right equipment, and pesticides, watch training videos, read the labels and then do the application.

  5. If you are dealing with a lot of different pests, a professional will have the right equipment and treatment for each area. (Wasp, Fleas, Ants, Spiders, Snail)


Costly Mistake Three

Cheap First Service


Every company has to make a profit to stay in business. With this in mind, watch out for hidden fees.


One way to sell a service plan is to get a person in the door by offering a super cheap start-up service, then they lock the customer into a long-term contract and raise the price.


Costly Mistake Four

Only Doing One Service


Often, it is cheaper to get on a plan than just do one service. In most circumstances, one service will do a great deal to lower the number of pests but with no regular service plan in place to keep pests away. The bugs may be back sooner than desired.


Costly Mistake Five

Not Following Your Pest Technicians Instructions


Pest control technicians will only treat when it is safe. For example; if a food cabinet has not been cleaned out or a fish tank has not been covered or a pet bird has not been removed from an area, it could be potentially hazardous to treat those areas and the technician is required to treat them safely and must skip those areas.


A good technician will refuse to put a family’s pets or a person’s health in jeopardy. Even if that means a customer gets upset or even files a complaint against them to their boss. 


At times a technician will need help to safely and effectively treat areas. If help is not given this becomes a frustrating situation for both parties. The result is a pest technician that wants to help but values safety is limited in what or how they can treat. At the same time, the customer often feels cheated because of the lack of results.


Costly Mistake Six

Not Reading The Service Agreement


It takes less than ten minutes to read a service agreement. I know too many people that thought they were signing a service agreement but they signed a long-term contract.


WARNING: Do not hire a service company that does not give you a service agreement or service contract. It is required by law to present you with certain required information before starting a service on your property.  The service agreement does not need to be on paper, often they are sent by email.




Chapter 2

Four Ways to Avoid being Ripped off on Pest Control

Pest Control Fresno 

I have many great friends in the service industry and in the Fresno pest control market and I hate the idea that a less reputable company would get your business simply because you have not yet discovered the simple questions to ask.


I believe in win-win seniors. A business should give value, meet a need, relieve pain and create joy. This is the type of business I want to help you find.


Trick One: Some Fresno Pest Control companies waive a start-up fee in exchange for signing a one or two-year contract. To give a better rate in exchange for signing a long-term contract is standard and can be a fair exchange. The trick is to look at the cancelation fee. Some companies make the cancelation fee equal to the entire price of the contract. This means, that if you stop service, you are still required to pay for all services not performed.


How to Avoid: The key is to make sure the cancelation fee to get out of your contract is equal to the price of one service and NEVER more than the price of two services. If the cancelation fee is over $200, my personal advice is to run. Because this is one of the biggest pain points and frustrations when getting a pest service. We personally at Crazy Ant Pest Control just decided as a company to completely do away with all long-term contracts and cancelation fees.


Trick Two: The over-promising salesperson. There is often a disconnect between what the salesperson says and what the technician does. I will add that most of the time this is not intentional. It is just easier to be the person making the promises than it is to be the person having to fulfill the promises.


How to Avoid: At the first service takes five minutes to talk to the technician about your concerns. Most people are not home during the services. If you can’t be there for the first service, simply ask if the technician can give you a call when they get to your home. Ask the technician questions on anything you are concerned about.


Trick Three: Trying to upsell you at every service. Signing the service agreement was only the start of the hard sell for some companies. On the next service, the technician tries to upsell a $3,000 attic insulation job. The national chains often give their technicians a sales quota they need to reach each month and a list of things to sell to their current customer base.


How to Avoid: Here is a list of problems that should cost extra: Termites, Birds, Bed Bugs, rodent proofing. Here is a list of what should NOT cost extra if a person is on a regular maintenance plan: treat inside if insects get inside, provide mouse traps, snail bait if you plant flowers, and clear away webs on the eaves.


Trick Four: No one is perfect: Sometimes you just get a tech on a bad day or a bad tech in a good company or it’s an honest misunderstanding.


How To Avoid: Call the office and ask to talk to the office or service manager and explain the situation and give them a chance to fix it. Most of the time a phone call is all it takes to fix an issue. 


Chapter Three

6 Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring a Pest Control Technician 

Crazy Ant tech treating kitchen cabinet

Mistake One: Calling around for the lowest price but not knowing what the difference is between companies. All pest companies are different. 


Mistake Two: Find out if they nickel and dime you. Will there be an extra charge for mice, snails, and treating inside the garage?


Mistake Three: Hiring a Technician under the table or that is not licensed in California.


Mistake Four: Not asking enough questions. Ask lots of questions!


Mistake Five: Keeping your pest problems a secret from your technician. At the risk of sounding cliche’ treat your best control technician like your Doctor in two areas. It may feel embarrassing, you may feel as if they will raise your rate. The only way the technician can help is if the customer is honest and upfront.


Mistake Six: Not asking about discounts. At the time of writing this, we offer a discount for switching companies or paying a year in advance. Other companies offer discounts for other reasons. It never hurts to ask, “What are you’re different plans, and are you running any promotions at this time?”


Chapter Four

Value and Price


If you read nothing else in this guide. Read this first page. “Value v.s. Price” is the least compelling title with the biggest impact on your wallet and the service you receive.


Many pest control companies understand that when a buyer is uneducated the only premise they have to go on is price. This is common in the used car industry. A salesperson will sell a $5,000 car that is a lemon with a value of $1,500 at best.  Here is the bottom line on price. In Fresno, CA a person has well over a  hundred options for pest control services. The more choices a person has, the fewer criteria our minds use to determine the best service. 


The mind finds the simplest and quickest way to categorize information. In the service industry, it is by price. Many pest control companies understand that the name of the game is price. 


There are a handful of companies in Fresno that create a cheap products and cut corners on everything that takes time or costs money. The sales tactic is akin to taking a dollar store watch and selling it for $20 and using a $2,000 Rolex to show what a great value it is.


There are only a handful of ways to cut costs as a pest company. Here is a list of ways a company can offer lower prices. 


  1. They use a lower-quality of products 

  2. By paying their staff less than the industry standard

  3. They don’t properly train their technicians

  4. Technicians don’t have advanced licensing

  5. Short, five-minute services

  6. They buy cheaper equipment 

  7. Find the cheapest location to rent 

  8. Don’t have shareholders or angel investors that demand large profits

  9. Use illegal products and methods to get results cheaper and faster

  10. Be a one-man band and do have any employees, especially in CA with our high taxes and insurance policies.

In all honesty, we save money on numbers seven and eight. We don’t have shareholders or angel investors and we currently don’t have impressive buildings, just what we need to do our jobs well.


The companies that cut massive corners are easy to spot. They often have a one-and-a-half-star review or no online presence at all or maybe their company has changed names three times in the last five years.


There are a lot of great little companies. We are not talking about the size of a company but the quality of service.


Chapter five

Why I believe every company should stand behind their product with a 100% money back Guarantee  


Why I stand behind my product with a 100% money back guarantee and no long-term contracts. Yes, people abuse small businesses all the time to get free services.


Why after seeing people rip off small local businesses do I still believe in a 100% money back guarantee? I also see the struggling single mom, the retired couple, and the young family buying their first and they deserve results. Unfortunately, it is standard practice to send them to a collections agency to collect the consolation fees for failure to finish their long-term contract.


We do NOT  guarantee that the issue will be fixed in one treatment. What we guarantee is that if we set out a treatment plan and if that treatment plan does not work, we will return at no charge or give you your money back.


We believe in a risk-free guarantee. From getting rid of those long-term contracts and consultation fees to coming back at no charge if there’s ever a problem, to giving you a 100% money back guarantee on your most recent paid service if we can not fix your issue.


Chapter six 

Four Simple Steps to Living Pest Free


Step One to Living Pest Free: Do Nothing; don’t hate me for this first step. Ask is it really worth the money in exchange for the peace of mind for keeping my home safe and sanitary?


Step Two to Living Pest Free: Monitor and identify pests;  Not all pests are harmful. Bees can be helpful to our valley’s agriculture and should be left alone unless they truly cause a safety hazard such as setting up a hive ne’er a home. For this case use a local beekeeper to remove the hive.


  1. Is the pest helpful or harmful

  2. Can the pest be relocated safely?

  3. Can you set up monetary devices to determine the right course of action

Step Three in Living Pest Free: By clearing out junk, raking leaves ( especially under bushes ), emptying stagnant water, and switching to porch lights that don’t attract insects you can reduce insects in your home.


Step Four in Living Pest Free: Try to stay away from pesticides that use the words “Warning” or “Danger”. A well-trained technician is often the safest way to control pests. When treating pesticides, always follow instructions for the best results and more importantly to stay safe.




My hope is that this Guide will help you pick one of Fresno’s many ethical pest control companies and I will go as far as to say amazing companies. I was inspired to write this guide as I noticed too many great small businesses that offer amazing value for the price are passed over for unethical businesses that over promise and under deliver and give the customer no way of getting out of their contract. They simply send them to collections and the customers are forced to decide to pay for services they did not get or destroy their credit.


Good luck! We hope you find a FRESNO PEST CONTROL company that provides true value and stands behind its service 100%. Thank You for reading this guide in its entirety and again if we can be of any help, feel free to call us. My name is Caleb Irmler with Crazy Ant Pest Control at 559-295-5010.


Closing thoughts:  

  • Always follow the standards set by the California Pest control board. 

  • Always follow the label on any pest control application if you treat yourself.

  • Please do not fire your technician if they have been doing a great job but may differ slightly from this guide. 

  • In almost every situation the safest way to treat your home is to hire a professional.

  • Never keep pesticides in unlabeled containers. 

  • Let’s work together to keep our water clean, people healthy and eliminate the disease by, following the guidelines given by all government agencies.

  • Never pour out leftover pesticides into a drain or gutter. Use Fresno household hazardous waste.

  • Finally,  always follow the law, and your best judgment and work with some of our amazing local businesses here in the Fresno Pest Control market.