Pest Control Coupon

Save $50 off a Reg Priced, One-Time Service or Start-Up Service

Plus, You Can Save an Addition $10 Per Service, When You Sign Up On Auto-Pay. Expires 3/15/2020 Can not be combined with any other promotion, offer or discount. 

Upgrades ARE standard with us

A chemical free yard treatment. Power full protection balanced with eco and pet friendly products.

In addition to a Full Pest Control Service and we also do a chemical free treatment for your lawn(s) and bushes.

FREE WEB REMOVAL if you sign up for monthly, every other month or a quarterly service plan. 

We will go around the house and remove the webs off the eaves of the house at every reg service. The free web removal service is included on all regular service plans.

 * It is an additional $25 add on for a one time services. 

FREE Emergency Call Backs on all Service Plans

We will do whatever it takes to fix any pest issue, including coming back at no additional charge if anything sneaks into your home.

Excludes One Time Services    *Only an additional $59 for an emergency call back after a ONE TIME SERVICE; offer expires 30days after the one time service was completed. 


By paying one year in advance with cash or a check you will receive 10% off your entire year of pest control service. 

*Cannot be combined or stacked with any other offer, discount or promotion.

All our plans are month to month. Stop at any time for any reason. 

*There is a Start-up or Re-start service that is required before jumping on to a discounter service plan. 

No one likes surprise charges 

We keep are pricing simple so you never have to worry about processing fee’s, emergency call back fee’s, state fee’s, etc.

*Our prices do change over times. If you stop, skip or pause your service plan you will need to do a start up service to re-activate your account at the current pricing. 

The price of your service can be divide into monthly payments. This option is available for anyone who has an every other month service plan or a  quarterly service plan.

We can get you a quote in under 6 minutes by  answering three simple questions.

  1. What  zip code are you in? ( confirm service area )
  2. Is you home larger then 3,000 sq. ft?
  3. What pest, if any, are you seeing? 

Call 559-295-5010 and a receptionist will transfer you to a licensed technician.

Our Service Plans

Monthly for indoor roaches, people with allergic reactions to bug bites and/or homes with high bug activity. 

Every Other Month (most common ) Our micro encapsulated, weather resistant barriers last 60 to 90 days outside, even in harsh weather conditions. Free emergency call backs if insects are getting inside between services. 

We come out four times a year to make sure your home is pest free. We set up long term barriers and remove the webs from the eaves. Perfect for low pest areas. 


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