Flea Pupae


Let’s talk about fleas in Fresno, CA

Everyone talks about flea eggs, larva, and adult fleas but no one talks about flea pupae.
It is conveniently left off flea pesticide labels.  What is a flea pupae and why are people so scared to talk about it.

A flea purple is the 3rd stage of a flea right before it turned into an adult and latches on to it a life long host or dies trying. After a flea egg hatches it turns in a larva and that larva encapsulates itself into pupae. In the pupae stage, it stays protected from the outside world for up to two years just waiting for a host to walk by. That’s right, the flea stays protected inside its pupae.

Here is a secret to getting the flea to emerge from the protected pupae. If they are inside, vacuum before treatment. If they are outside, mow the lawn before treatment. The vibration will trick the flea into thinking their life long host has arrived and it’s time to leave the protection of the pupae. as adult fleas, they are again vulnerable to sprays and treatment.