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Flea Pupae Stage

flea Pupue Stage

Let’s talk about fleas in Fresno, CA

Everyone talks about flea eggs, larva, and adult fleas but no one talks about flea pupae.
It is conveniently left off flea pesticide labels.  What is a flea pupae and why are people so scared to talk about it?

A flea pupae is the 3rd stage of a flea right before it turned into an adult and latches on to it a life long host or dies trying. After a flea egg hatches it turns in to a larva and that larva encapsulates itself into pupae. In the pupae stage, it stays protected from the outside world for up to two years just waiting for a host to walk by. That’s right, the flea stays protected inside its pupae.

Here is a secret to getting the flea to emerge from the protected pupae. If they are inside, vacuum before treatment. If they are outside, mow the lawn before treatment. The vibration will trick the flea into thinking their life long host has arrived and it’s time to leave the protection of the pupae. As adult fleas, they are again vulnerable to sprays and treatment.

Did you know? 

A single flea can stay in hiding for up to two years. They wait for the weather to be right and focus on vibrations to sense if there is a host near. When the time is right they break out of their pupae and latch on to their host. 

A flea can bit their host up to 400 times in a single day. Often we think that it is must mean that we are over run with fleas to have so many bites on ourselves or our pets but that is not always the case. A short trip to the park and one or two hitch hikers is all it takes to make the itching unbearable form all the small bite.

A female flea can lay up to 30 eggs a day. As the female lays eggs they fall off their host and onto the ground. In the right time of the year they will become biting adult fleas in as little as two weeks or they can wait for up to two years to hatch.

A flea can jump 200x it’s body size.