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Eco Pest Control

Eco Pest Control

Eco Pest Control

We incorporate eco & organic products into almost every service we do. Our hybrid approach to pest prevention has always focused on safety & effective results.
We use eco, organic or a traditional products and clearly give the details on every invoice of what products were used, how much product was used and where the treatments was done.
Did You Know that organic pest products cost 3x  more on average as non organic products online?  Crazy Ant Pest Control has never charged extra for eco or organic products. We know, it’s a little bit crazy but that is just the way we roll

Certified Outdoor Organic Monthly Service

We offer a monthly 100% certified organic outside service plan. Our Certified Outdoor Organic Pest Control Program is great at reducing the amount of biting, stinging and germ spreading insects. Making your home and yard a safer, more enjoyable place to live.

There is a lot of confusion around Eco, Natural and Organic products.  Most of these terms do not have clear or legal definitions. What makes our Certified Organic Pest Control Program Different is that every product is also 25b certified. This means it is a minimal risk pesticide and a federal registration is not required. 

Certified Organic  

This means that the active ingredients in the product is produced by nature, such as essential oils from plants.

25(b) products 

Means they must also meet a stringent safety standard as well as being from nature. Just because a product is organic does not automatically mean the product is safe for use. 25(B) products are pet friendly and have an extremely low or non-existent threat level to pets and people. 

Disclaimer: Just because a product is 25(b) certified does not mean that certain people and pets may not have an allergic reaction. 

The Science Behind The Products.

Target the biology of insects 

By targeting receptors that are only in insects, we can decrease the insects population without attacking mammals. 

Target their Exoskeleton

The most common way organic products work is by making small holes in their exoskeleton that leads them to dry out. 

By studying the differences between mammals and insects we can isolate those differences. Then minimize and in some occasions totally eliminate the danger to mammals. 

By treating a yard you will see an instant knock down in spiders, fleas, ants, earwigs. The effects are not as long lasting as other products. The Certified Organic Program is great for those wanting the peace of mind that comes from using more natural treatments and greatly reducing the amount of spiders and other bugs around the house.

Our organic control program is purely for outdoors. For pest infestations indoors other products will need to be introduced to get control of the situation.