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Organic Pest Control

Eco Pest Control Fresno & Clovis

FREE Option to Upgrade to Organic

All our monthly service customers have the option to go 100% certified organic at no extra charge. I know, it’s like being moved to first-class on an airplane, just for asking. We believe so strongly that their should be eco-friendly options that we will personally cover the additional cost to make it happen. 

The Average Certified Organic Products cost 4x their Counterparts. 

Our Commitment

Crazy Ant Pest Control is committed to insect and pest control without compromise. The Natural Pest Control products we use on the lawn and bushes comply with the NOP (National Organic Program). 

We refuse to use any product with a DANGER or WARNING Label. This includes all Prop 65 products. This includes homes with traditional treatments.

We Can Still Do A Traditional Treatment

In addition to doing complete conventional treatment, we can do a  hybrid or 100% eco treatment. 

How Do You Apply an Organic Treatment?

During the Wet Season: We often do a soil treatment using an organic granular that focuses more on what is hiding, hibernating, or waiting in egg and larva form in the soil. The gradual treatment is usually only done once a year (based on the weather). This works well to prevent bugs from hatching and taking over your yard.

During Dry Seasons:  The technician will treat the lawns, flower beds, bark areas, sheds, play sets, and more.

Do Other Companies Treat Lawns?

Unfortunately, many companies have stopped doing flea and Tick treatments in areas around the home. It is too costly and time-consuming. Treating your lawns, flower beds, and bark areas for ticks, fleas, ants, and spiders is no longer a service many companies offer. Of those companies that still treat your lawn for spiders, fleas, and ticks, 95% use a harsh chemical to treat and charge extra. 

How Does An Organic Treatment Affect My Pets or Fish Pond?

Notice: We NEVER treat pets or water directly

It is illegal for many pesticides to be used within 15 feet of standing water, regardless if fish or animals are present. Fish are sensitive to changes in temperature, food, and pesticides. Bugs often hid in places that are illegal to treat with traditional methods—the industries’ response to these laws is to stop treating these areas. 

Is Every Thing Crazy Ant Uses Organic?

Not everything we use is organic: Some of our products are eco-friendly. The difference between Eco-Friendly and Organic can be summed up as follows.

  • Eco-Friendly products are the safest way to eliminate pest issues and protect the environment. Not every ingredient in Eco-Friendly products is naturally (organically) sourced. Eco-Friendly products, while not Organic, are safer for the environment.
  • Organic is about the ingredients coming from nature, usally plant oils. However, some organic products have high toxicity (Just because it is organic does not mean it has low toxicity!). We note that our organic pest control products have low toxicity.
  1. The oils in Organic sprays have a strong smell
  2. Eco-Products (with their high plant oil base) can stain carpet, wood, paint, etc.
  3. Unfortunately, organic sprays have a shorter life
  4. Organic sprays are not always the safest way to treat a problem

Feel free to contact us any time with questions about our Eco-Friendly and Organic pest control treatments. We are happy to answer questions about how these products are safer to use around water and pets.



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