Crazy Ant staff member on computer and phoneLog into your account to pay your invoice, update your card info, or download your account records. 

You must create a user name and password before you can log into your account for the first time.

To get a password, fill out the form below.

You will be sent a link to set up your USER NAME and PASSWORD. It may take up to 48 hours to be sent a customized link. The link is then good for 24 hours.    

Can I log in without an e-mail address ?

At this time, the system requires an e-mail address to set up a username and password.

Do I have to set up my account online ?

No. Many customers find it easer to communicate by text or phone. We only take payment over the phone and make updates to your account Monday – Friday, 8am -5 pm. With the online portal, you can update your payment information after hours and on weekends. 

What is the customer portal ?

The customer portal is an added feature through which you can update account information, check to see if your next appointment has been scheduled and download past invoice information.

Can I set up my next service appointment in my customer portal ?

At this time, the system will only show you if your next service has been set up. You can call 559-295-5010 (Call Only) or text 559-206-0337 (Text Only ) Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, to set up your next appointment. 

What happens if I call or text after hours ?

All calls will be answered, even if you call after hours. A message from your call will be forwarded to the office manger. The office manager will follow up with you on the next business day.

All texts will be looked at and responded to the next business day. 

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