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Contractual Pest Control

contractual pest control

Contractual Pest Control

At Crazy Ant Pest Control we have never done long-term contracts. Most Pest Control companies require a long-term contract and most of the time it requires you to read the fine print to find out that you are in a long-term contract. It is rarely mentioned on the phone that you are signing a one or two-year agreement. 

There are a lot of amazing companies that require long-term contracts. Often this is because it cost a lot to set up a new account and fix the current issues and most companies lose money in the first year of servicing an account.

Here is our advice: Ask

That’s it. If you don’t ask, then most of the time the salesperson is not going to tell you that they require a minimum time on service. Although there is nothing unethical about requiring a long-term contract. What we do have an issue with is that most of the time, it is not clearly explained. 

No Paperwork is Also a Warning Sign

There is some paperwork that is required by CA law that they give you. You want to make sure that the pricing and service type are clearly marked on the paperwork before starting service. 

Service Agreement V.S. a Contract

What is the difference between a service agreement and a contract? Legally almost nothing. As long as an agreement hits certain benchmarks then it is almost the same,e as a contract. The difference is in perception. After times people believe they are not in a long-term contract because it was called a service agreement or they are in a long-term contract because they signed a contract. Both assumptions are false. 

Contracts & service agreements can both be month to month or Require multiple-year commitments. 

The Main Point

If you are shopping around for pest control. Simply ask if there is a long-term commitment and what is the fee to get out early. 

This will help you make a more informed decision. All the best in finding the company that meets your needs.


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