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We are excited to announce that $3 of every service done in February 2021 will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House of the Central Valley.

Every person that has interacted with the Ronald McDonald House of the Central Valley has their own story and this is ours. I remember when we started Crazy Ant Pest Control. Before we had our first truck, before we did our first service, we were in what became a seven-month process of waiting on the state to process paperwork to have our grand opening. We had some friends invite us to serve a meal at the Ronald McDonald House of the Central Valley. Like all new things, it was slightly awkward that first night. Here I was with sixteen families that were all connected by one factor, they all had children in the hospital. Some knew it would be a short stay, with a high possibility of a quick recovery for their child, others had been there for months. 

Making Garlic Bread

I asked if the rooms stayed full only to discover that there was a waiting list. A dad was sleeping in his car waiting for a room to open up. You know those people that always know exactly the right thing to say? Well, that is not me. Since I did not know what to say and I was not a good cook, they put me in charge of the garlic bread. For the next five years, I came in every month and made garlic bread. My wife cut up vegetables for the salad and it became part of our routine.


I don’t want to say, “we were broke”. Let’s just say that Crazy Ant Pest Control in those early years spent more money than it made.  It was not always easy to take the time to be there each month. I was working over eighty hours a week and living off the few hundred dollars my wife was making each week at her part-time job. I kept a pen and a 3×5 card in my pocket in case I had to answer any emergency calls. My phone would ring and I would slip out to the parking lot for five minutes, try to take care of that day’s emergency and then make my way back inside. Re-wash my hands and start making garlic bread again. Every month, we came to the House and there were some new faces and a few from the month before staying at the house. 

A Second Home

The Ronald McDonald House has become a temporary home for some. It has kitchens, living rooms, a toy room for kids, and a yard. It helps reduce the stress of wondering where to stay if the parents have other children, where would they play, and where to get a meal. Perhaps more than this, it creates a sense of community. Community with the others in the house and with those that support the Ronald McDonald House. To get a better idea, here is a video explaining how the Ronald McDonald House has made a difference for families in our Valley.


Red Heart BallAfter a year of volunteering, we were invited to The Red Heart Ball, their biggest fundraiser of the year. They pack out a huge banquet room. They talk about what the Ronald McDonald House has done. We hear a testimony from a family that stayed at the house. Then the fundraising begins. I was not even taking a full paycheck at this point, yet we still wanted to be a part of helping this amazing organization with its mission of being there for families. That night we wrote a small check and every year since then we have written a check at the Red Heart Ball.

Safety and Change 

Locally owned and operatedOver the years, Crazy Ant Pest Control has grown and so has the impact of The Ronald McDonald House. Then life changed almost instantly in 2020. For safety reasons, large gatherings such as the Red Heart Ball had to be canceled and all in-person volunteering had to stop at the Ronald McDonald House but their commitment to serving families continued. That is why we wanted to do something a little special to help out. Three dollars of every service done by Crazy Ant Pest Control in February 2021 will be given to the Ronald McDonald House.

The Ronald McDonald House has also done an amazing job keeping its staff and families safe as well as creating new opportunities to get involved. This year, they will be hosting a Telethon on KSEE 24 on Wednesday, February 10th. I encourage you to tune in and learn more about this amazing organization and the work they do right here in our community.

Thank you for reading and being a part of local businesses and community organizations.