Commercial Services

Commercial Service Plans are custom built for your needs. Call now to have a free inspection scheduled.

Commercial Properties


We are very proud to service a verity of businesses in and around Fresno, CA. Each commercial property not only faces pest problems that are common in the Central Valley. They also have their own concerns based on the location, type of building, and purpose it is being used. It is also important to customize a plan that focuses on the main issues that face each location and there set of needs. 



Warehouse and Storage Facilities


Rodent control is especial important around storage facilities, mice and rats can destroy pipes, insulation, and cause general damage to the property.


Food Facilities and Local Restaurant


Insect control is especially important with food facilities. Most problems can be avoided by being on a regular service plan. Insects can be brought in with fresh produce, boxes and from neighboring buildings. We work with owners and managers to create environments that eliminates insects and promotes sanitation. 


Daycares and Kenels


We use eco and organic products. It important to us, that we don’t use harsh chemicals around kids and pets. 


Store Fronts and Offices


It’s important to have an amazing first impression, clear of spiders and cobwebs. A customers first first impression is there lasting impression. 


Apartments and HOA’s


Rental properties have to comply with state housing and rental laws. We can help make sure your property is properly taken care of each month. 


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