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Clovis Pest Control

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Clovis Pest Control

Crazy Ant has been providing Clovis pest control services since we opened. We are located only a half mile from Clovis, CA. The first service Crazy Ant Pest Control ever performed was in Clovis. We are locally owned and operated. 

Guaranteed Results

We offer a 100% warranty on all recurring pest plans if any insects get inside. (One-Time Services not included) We don’t always know how deep an issue goes. Insects love to set up their forever home in your walls and foundation. It’s much like the ice burg effect. You often only see 10% of the issue. 

On the Startup service we do an inspection and focus on eliminating the source of the problem(s) and then set up a pest prevention plan to prevent insects from coming back. 

No Long Term Contracts or Collection Agencies 

Every service plan is month-to-month. It’s common for pest control companies to work with collection agencies. If a person consoles before the contract has ended, a  fee is given, and the debt is sold to a collection agency. We decided to eliminate more than just bugs; It’s also time to say goodbye to long-term contracts, unexpected fees, and collection agencies. 

Free Organic Options 

We use eco, organic, and traditional treatment products to give you more options and control. Our goal is to focus on safety and long-lasting results. 

Clovis Pest ControlAs I  am writing this, I have a one-year-old that goes out and plays on our lawn. We have put a lot of time and money into ensuring the backyard is a safe space for him to play and explore. Every day as a family, we go in the backyard and play. I love that he is not getting bit by spiders, ticks, or fleas. This causes 500,000 emergency room visits per year. I also love that he is not walking on a lawn treated with harsh chemicals. 

Did You Know?

The average price online for organic pest control products is 3x more than their chemical counterpart. Yet, you will never see an extra charge from crazy ant pest control when an organic product is used. 

There are a lot of companies that are focused on getting more affordable healthy food options to the communities they serve. Just like them, we are trying to bring more eco & organic options into the communities we serve.

Clovis Pest Control

Clovis, CA has grown to over 100,000 residents but has kept its small city feel. This is seen in their parks, school and ma & pa stores in Old Town Clovis as well as the local events such as Big Hat Days & Farmers Markets. We are so grateful to be a locally owned and operated pest control business operating in your community.