Uptick in Mosquitoes

Uptick in Mosquitos

As we enter the beginning of fall, we see an uptick in mosquitoes. There is usually more mosquito activity before they fade in winter as the cooler weather makes it ideal for breading. The Fall weather is a perfect time for mosquitoes to bread. The weather gets cooler and slightly damp. Usually, by late Nov, … Read more



With Crazy Ant Pest Control, we Guarantee Results.   One of the biggest advantages to being on a Discount Service Plan also know as a Recurring service plan. Is our 100% warenty if any covered bugs get inside. For residential we offer monthly, Every other Month, Quarterly service plans. The more frequirnt the service, the … Read more

Small Perks

Small Perk

Small Perks Did you know that on top of your regulated service, we do a 12-month foundation treatment around the base of your home? For no extra charge, every spring. If you are not a current client, it is only $249 to come out and do a foundation treatment.  Shrinkflation is hitting the service industry … Read more

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest Removal

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn   Wasp Nest Removal in the Central Valley  There are two main types of Wasp Nest and the wasp that make them in the Central Valley.    The Mud Dauber Nest     The mud dauber is a type of wasp that makes mud tubes about an inch long. You may notice … Read more

Free Mosquito Patches

Free Mosquito Repellent Patches

  Free Mosquito Repellent Kid Patches Event: May 23rd – May 27th Laction: 4746 W Jennifer Ave, Suite 108, Fresno, CA 93722 This week only! As families are more likely to be outside with mosquitoes. We wanted to do something special for Memorial Day. Feel Free to drop by our office and knock on the … Read more

Contractual Pest Control

contractual pest control

Contractual Pest Control At Crazy Ant Pest Control we have never done long-term contracts. Most Pest Control companies require a long-term contract and most of the time it requires you to read the fine print to find out that you are in a long-term contract. It is rarely mentioned on the phone that you are … Read more

Local Pest Expert

Local Pest Expert

Your Local Pest Expert   Featured on the News Over the last few years, we have won many awards in the pest industry. When news outlets need a local expert, we started getting the calls.  In the last year, we have been featured as the local pest expert on Pest Daily, KSEE 24 Central Valley … Read more

Mosquito Control Fresno CA

Mosquito Control Fresno CA

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Mosquito Control Fresno, CA Crazy Ant Pest Control Now Offers Mosquito Control Fresno, CA. Let’s start with the highlights, then get into the details. No Long Term Contracts 100% Organic Service Plans Available 100% Money-Back Guarantee* Locally Owned & Operated New Mosquito Technology … Read more

Safer for the Environment

Safer for the environment

Safer for the Environment It has always been our goal to get results using the products that are safer for the environment. That is why we pledge to never use chemicals that have been labeled as  “Danger” or “Warning”.  Five Ways Crazy Ant Pest Control Seeks to be the Safest for the Environment.   One: … Read more

Happy New Year

happy new year

Happy New Year !! This post is not about bugs, it’s a look behind the curtain of a family business For many, 2021 was one of the hardest year of their life. Whether it was saying goodbye to friends that moved, changing jobs, or saying our final goodbyes to family members. They keep on saying, … Read more