Safer for the Environment

Safer for the environment

Safer for the Environment It has always been our goal to get results using the products that are safer for the environment. That is why we pledge to never use chemicals that have been labeled as  “Danger” or “Warning”.  Here is a List of  Five Ways Crazy Ant Pest Control Seeks to be Safer for … Read more

Happy New Year

happy new year

Happy New Year !! This post is not about bugs, it’s a look behind the curtain of a family business For many, 2021 was one of the hardest year of their life. Whether it was saying goodbye to friends that moved, changing jobs, or saying our final goodbyes to family members. They keep on saying, … Read more

Pest Control Service

Pest Control Service

Pest Control Service Ten Questions to ask before you hire a Pest Control Service company Serching for a pest control service is often dounting becouse we don’t know the best question to ask to find the service company that will best fit your needs. This list will help you navigate through the hundreds of companies … Read more

New Pest Control Location

New Pest Control Location

New Pest Control Location   We are excited to have moved into our New Pest Control Location. We are now located at 4746 W Jennifer, Ste 108 Ave, Fresno, CA 93722, United States.     Like most small businesses we started out of our garage. Held interviews at Starbucks and our office furniture came from the … Read more

Pest Control No long Term Contracts

Pest Conytrol No Long Term Contracts

Pest Control No Long Term Contracts Pest Control Companies are all radically different. The industry has been based on long term contracts for a long time. I started with a great company but this was common practice to have every customer sign a long term contract. This allows companies to give their best price but it … Read more



We wanted to say a huge Congratulations to Bryan for 10 Years of excellence in the pest control industry. The picture above shows us presenting Bryan with an award for 10 years of excellence in the pest control industry.   A little bit on Bryans 10 years in the industry. Before coming on staff with … Read more

Clovis Pest Control

Crazy Ant Home Pest Inspection

Clovis Pest Control Crazy Ant has been proving Clovis pest control services since the day we opened. We are located only a half of mile from Clovis, CA. In fact, the first service Crazy Ant Pest Control every performed was in Clovis. We are a locally owned and operated.  Guaranteed Results We offer a 100% warranty … Read more

Organic Pest Control

Oranic Pest Control in Fresno - technician spraying lawn

Organic Pest Control We incorporate eco & organic products into almost every service we do. Our hybrid approach to pest prevention has always focused on safety & effective results. We use eco, organic or a traditional products and clearly give the details on every invoice of what products were used, how much product was used and … Read more

Mosquito In2Care System

Installing an in2care system for mosquitoes

Mosquito in2care system No Warenty It’s only $125 per in2care mosquito Station, plus $35 per refill. Each refill can last up to 60 days. For best results it should be refilled every 3-4 weeks because the active ingredients do fade in power over time. Current Customer Only Deal Only: $25 per refill and Free instalation … Read more