Stinging Insects

Wasp up close on fence

Stinging Insects Stinging insects🕷 cause 500,000 emergency room visits each year. We want to do our part to reduce the strain on the health care system as much as possible over the coming weeks by keeping homes safe and sanitary. A regular pest control service can greatly reduce the chance of being stung. We treat … Read more

Safety First

Safety in pest control

Safety Measures in Pest Control What most people may not know is that personal protective equipment, hand washing, and social distancing have been part of our DNA from day one. Picture from 2018. 1. Gloves, eye protection & N95 respirators to be used. 2. Hand washing stations are in every truck. 3. Each technician works … Read more

Flea Pupae Stage

flea Pupue Stage

Let’s talk about fleas in Fresno, CA Everyone talks about flea eggs, larva, and adult fleas but no one talks about flea pupae. It is conveniently left off flea pesticide labels.  What is a flea pupae and why are people so scared to talk about it? A flea pupae is the 3rd stage of a … Read more