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Do you require a long term contract ?

No Long Term Contracts. 

What is a start-up service ?

A start-up service is the first service. It usually takes about twice as much time and work to do the first service compared to a maintenance service. 

How does the auto-pay, pest control discount work ?

It’s just like Netflix, we just need a card or voided check and the payment comes out after the service is completed.  

Is there a way to get a pest control discount with out being on auto-pay ?

Yes, We also offer a 10% off our reg price service if you pay a year in advance with cash or check. Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. 

What is the Organic Yard Treatment ?

The organic yard treatment is in addition to the normal service. 

After we do the full service around the house that includes the fence line, base of home eaves, cracks and crevice, problem areas with a long lasting, micro encapsulated barriers. 

We then spray an organic mist over the yards that is great for getting rid of ticks and fleas in the lawn, spiders hiding in bushes and it is even labeled to reduce the misquote population by up to 30%. Home owners will allergies, pet owners, parents love the results. 

The Essential oils from the sprays remind people of root beer or walking into a candle shop. 

How does the free web removal work ?

We will go around the house and knock down the webs off the eaves of the house at every reg service. The free web removal is not included for one time services. 

How much does pest control cost ?

We can get you a quote in under 6 minutes by calling 559-295-5010. A receptionist will pick up the phone. Just them them know you are not a current customer and wanted to talk to a technician to learn more. You will be transferred to a technician and asked three simple question.

1. Your zip code to confirm your in our service area ?

2. Is you home larger then 3,000 sq. ft ?

3. What are you are dealing with and is it inside, outside, both or are you currently not having any problem and trying to keep it that way ?

That’s it, all our prices are based on a chart and not by what type of car is in your drive way. 


What is the most common pest control service plan ?

Monthly for indoor roaches, people with allergic reactions to bug bites or high bug activity such as being 20feet from a lake. This makes up about twenty percent of out customers.

Every Other Month is our most common service plan. Our micro encapsulated, weather resistant barriers last sixty – ninety days outside, even in harsh weather conditions. Free emergency call backs if insects are getting inside between services. About seventy percent of our customs find that this is a good fit for there needs.

Quarterly service plans are great for low bug areas. If you don’t see a lot of activity but like the piece of mind that comes with knowing you are protected and that somebody else is knocking down those webs around the house, this might be the plan for you. About ten percent of our customers prefer a quarterly plan. 

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